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    Baguio City in One Day

    baguio in one day

    BAGUIO CITY — the summer capital of the Philippines! We’ve been here numerous times that I thought we’ll never come back again. And I was actually sad with that thought in my mind because though we’ve been in Baguio for so many times I wasn’t able to save nor print that much decent photos from our trip.

    We originally wanted to stay overnight at Baguio but unfortunately my and my cousin’s schedule didn’t let it happen (we both still have classes) but it still end up, my cousin not coming with us 😭 Read more

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    Singapore: Day 2 – Flower Dome + Cloud Forest + Discounted USS Ticket

    flower dome

    What’s in our Itinerary was originally to buy the discounted USS ticket in Lucky Plaza and head to Universal Studio but unfortunately we woke up late and came late in Lucky Plaza and we thought the remaining time before we leave for Malaysia won’t be enough to enjoy the rest of Universal Studio so we abruptly changed our itinerary to Lucky Plaza + Flower Dome + Cloud Dome + Marina Bay Sands Skypark then off to Malaysia Read more

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    Singapore: Day 1 – Fragrance Hotel Review


    Singapore – known as the Lion City or “Singapura” derived from the Malay words “Singa” for Lion and “Pura” for city. Now, Singapore has been one of the well off countries in Asia. Singapore actually has an impression of a country that is very rich with an expensive cost of living to me but nevertheless I still want to visit Singapore! I want to see the famous Merlion and finally get to one of the Universal Studios in the world.

       Read more

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    Singapore Tourist Map

    Tourist map singapore

    I gathered some Singapore Tourist Map that I used in planning for our Itinerary on our Singapore-Malaysia Trip and here are they. Well, after my first experience in South Korea where I planned everything with the help of other travel bloggers and their stories luckily we didn’t get lost. Because of it, I gained confidence that I can do it again this time. By the way, I got everything from the Internet, so none of these are mine. Read more

    Food Voyage

    Wrong Ramen + Casa Italia

    Wrong ramen casa italia

    I’ve seen instagram post from my friends eating in Wrong Ramen and I find their name interesting. “Why wrong ramen?” So, I asked my bestfriend to try it and the newly opened Casa Italia as our Post-Christmas Celebration so we can do our exchange gift also. We met at Market Market and we were debating whether to ride a cab or just walk. We thought it won’t be that far so we just walked but then wheeew it took as  a long time to finally reach the place. It wouldn’t be that long if only we followed the guard’s direction. Read more

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    Ocean Adventure at Subic

    Ocean Adventure Subic

    Ocean Adventure located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone is said to be the first open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure allows sea animals to live and enjoy in a natural water habitat and also they take under the care some land animals that are abandoned or lost. You will surely have fun in there because they have Floating Habitat where you can see the dolphins perform, Sea Lion Show that will surely get you entertained and their big aquariums to have a close look of this underwater creatures. Read more