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Foodie Friday: Korean Cafe Subspace



Location: Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortgas Center, 1606 Paisg, Philippines

Contact Number: 6557077

Fb Account:


First meet my friends who were with me :)) First at the upper left is Aly She’s a V.I.P. and Boice, on the lower left is Yanie she’s a hottest (like me) and inspirit. on the lower right is my bestfriend she’s not into kpop but she’s always on the go for anything and understands us :)) and lastly that’s me on the upper right! 🙂 Hi! 🙂 and I am a loyal hottest.


Let’s start with the ambiance







Then the foods


Here I ordered a Hot Purple Potato Latte and a Banana Cake Hmmmm.. The Banana Cake was good like an ordinary banana cake that I usually eat out there hahaha for the Hot Purple Potato Latte I don’t really want to drink it since it has 2PM on it (Hottest feels) :)) It was my first time having that kind of “cute” coffee. It was not that hot also so it wasn’t hard for me to drink it (since I don’t really like hot foods or beverages)


Now, The cold version of the Purple Potato Latte, I really want to order this but my hottest feel is all over me and I want 2PM’s name to be written on it so I bought the hot one along with Yanie and Kit and Aly ordered this.


Here’s the Cinnamon Melt (Php. 80) that Kit ordered 🙂


The Marshmallow Choco Cake (Php. 110) that both kit and Aly ordered

Yanie ordered a Peppermint Brownie (Php. 50) I wasn’t able to take a picture of it

Oh! and also we found this one it’s 2pm framed poster that costs Php. 1300 and I think it’s kinda expensive since I already have the poster and the thing I only have to do is to put it in a picture frame anyway I was really happy to see this 🙂 We took around 3 pictures with this hahaha 🙂


Over All Review

I was expecting it to be very korean like cafe hanging the korean artists’ pictures or hanggul written all over or something like a bit you will feel that wheeew you’re in korea but it is  not really like,  maybe you can feel the korean feels on the albums that they sell, the sparkling magazines that you can read, the picture frame of 2pm that was kinda hidden maybe 🙂 For the foods and beverage it was good maybe on the average. but I really like the service since they knew that I was a hottest and they played all 2pm’s new song so I enjoyed listening to the music and chatting with my friends there.

Food: 3

Service: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: 3

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