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Bannaple at Market Market




So After. We studied Calculus in Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. Its dinner time hahaha. We decided to eat in Market Market since its on our way when we go home. As soon as we cross the street we saw Bannaple and decided to eat there. I was expecting pancakes and all in the menu, I just realized by now that I mistakenly mistook slappy cakes as bannaple hahaha. Anyway back to BANNAPLE so here is what you will see in the inside.




I really love the interior because of its color (*cough* pinklover here) . And its relaxing in the eye, its not too bright nor  too dark. The chandeliers and the frames gave the place a classy look.

And here is their counter:


A typical counter though but the sweets are very enticing, sadly it wasn’t in the menu or I didn’t saw it. Well as s0on as we entered I went straight to the pink area or where we stayed. Kit ordered for me so I just saw the counter when we are about to leave. And for their menu its kinda boring, because they don’t have many pictures on it there are few but I usually order on how the food looks.



I find their number holder so cute 🙂


Baked Creamy Cheese Penne P200

Baked Creamy Cheese Penne P200

Pasta Lasagna Roll

Pasta Lasagna Roll

The presentation of the food is really good and they really serve in big amount. I was already full and yet I haven]t finished it.



I don’t really want this to be a negative one but I find the taste a bit bland and ordinary at the same time. May be next time I’ll try the cakes.


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