Food Voyage

Lunch @ Teriyaki Boy after our Immersion 😊

Our immersion venue is a 10-min. jeepney ride away from Gateway. And I usually ride the MRT on my way home since it faster that way. My friends usually ride the lrt but we’re all hungry so we decided to eat first at Gateway. As always things doesn’t happen as how we planned it to be. We want to eat at Tokyo Tokyo (yeyel’s craving for it) but we end up eating at Teriyaki Boy. 

I ordered a ramen (noodles as always if I’m at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant) I thought I would finish eating faster and that I wouldn’t be full after eating because it looks like there’s a small amount of noodles but I finished last and was really fully (since I ate California Roll after my ramen)

Yakisoba for Clarisse (it took us some time to finish get the photo we want for this)

Teriyaki Boy Chicken for Yeyel 😊

And lastly Thank You Javier for the treat 😊 California Roll

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