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How to apply for a Korean Visa + Tips in getting approved


Application form duly filled and signed (Download the application form here)
One passport size colored picture (must be pasted in the application form)
Original Passport (6 Mos. Valid)
Copy of the first page of the Passport
•If available, photocopy and original valid visas from the OECD countries (this makes the process easier)

If you are a student (like me 😊)
1. School Certificate
    – I got mine from our registrar office
2. Photocopy of School ID
     – It’s better to have the front and back photocopied
3. Birth Certificate 
4. Parent’s Bank Certificate
     -You can request for this and have it for a Day or Two depending on your bank.
     – It Must contain the following
         • Account Type
         • Current Balance
         • Date the account was opened
         • Average Balance (ADB) for the last 6 mos
5. Parent’s Bank Statement for the last 3 months (Original) 
      -This one looks like the one in your passbook
6. Parent’s Employment Certificate
       – Must be original
       – In my case my Father is a businessman so I submitted the following: Copy of DTI and Business Permit
7. Parent’s Income Tax Return (photocopy)
Tips + My Experience
1. For Families who will apply for Visa, you can just submit 1 copy of Bank Certificate, Bank Statement, ITR, Parent’s Employment Certificate or (In case your parents are businessman: Copy of DTI or Mayor’s Permit and Business Permit). It must be stapled in the Application of the one who’s going to pay for the trip. In my case, it is with my father.
Bank Certificate and Bank Statements are not given for free by the Banks.
For BDO and BPI you can have it on the same day you requested it but for PSBANK you can have it the next day you requested for it.
2. Employment Certificates should indicate compensation, length of stay in the company and a valid landline number.
3. The ITR copy that we have on hand was my father’s 2011 ITR, we submitted it along with 2 Land Titles (it was indicated that if ever you can’t submit the required document you can have this as a substitute)
4. Before you are directed to a window, you have to get a number from the table near the entrance, a staff will check your requirements and give you a number for a certain window (Window 1 is for Individual Traveller, Window 2 is for group travellers and Window 3 is for frequent Traveller). When our number was called the staff in window 2 checked our papers and asked us if we are a family and we said yes, and that’s it we are given the claiming stub.
5. Someone from the Korean Embassy called my Uncle’s home further confirming if he’s a government officer from a Barangay. (we thought he wouldn’t get approve because of the call but he got approve)
6. My friend’s mother is an OFW (she was ask for an additional requirement of Mother’s Birth Certificate and photocopy of her mom’s Passport)
7. I wasn’t able to write the National ID in the application form of any of us, but it was approve anyway.
8. Read the second page attached to the application form that is downloadable
5 Days – Those who DONT have the OECD visa
3 Days – Those who HAVE the OECD
– Submission of visa requirements: 9:00 am – 11:00 am (Monday – Friday)
– Releasing of visa: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Monday – Friday)
For any questions, comment here and I’ll try my best to answer your queries 😊 I really hope you can have your visas soon!
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