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 I literally don’t know how we were able to get to Bukcheon, we just asked and asked for directions and unfortunately I wasn’t able to remember how and also because there was a group of tourist coming down from a bus so we decided to just follow them!! Haha
The people living in Bukchon I think are really patient or they have been used to it already, because the tourist creates too much noise of course due to their excitement and because they are amazed. See those many tourist behind us? 


Bukchon Hanok Village is at the center of the City, unlike here in the Philippines you have to drive for atleast 8 hrs to get to Vigan. I love how the families living there to cooperates in preserving their history by not changing the exterior of their house


The Hanok Village have many streets filled with South Korea’s Traditional House



That house above may look like a traditional house but the door is very modern I mean the doorbell haha I was passing by when suddenly someone spoke then I realized its from the speaker of the doorbell of that house that has a screen too 

There is this one very hospitable house that even let us enter their house to see what’s inside their traditional House. But taking a picture is a NO NO 😀 They dont allow it.

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