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Changdeokgung Palace also known as the “Prospering Virtue Palace” is one of the Five Grand Palaces of the Joseon Dynasty and is the East Palace. It is the most Favored Palace of the Prince. (Just inserting a bit of its history)
Changdeokgung Palace is just right across the Street  from the corner of our Guesthouse! It’s like 3-5 Mins walk? So we already saw this yesterday night but it was closed.
It was my first time entering a Palace in South Korea! Yay! It was beautiful every part of it, is picture worthy or should I say an IG post worthy 😊 I literally forgot that I’m taking care of my Cousin’s daughter hahaha 

There I am welcoming everyone to My Palace (just kidding hahaha)

Inside the Palace are small houses? Or Rooms? The Palace seems like a small village already!! I bet many people can already live here 😄 


Just From this Picture you can see how wide the Palace is, when this is just a very small part of the whole Palace

See Those pink leaves behind us? Spring’s finally coming, Too bad I’m home already before all those flowers blossoms beautifully.

Sadly since the English Tour Starts at 11am which doesn’t fit the itinerary that I made we weren’t able to Enter the Secret Garden which you cannot enter if you don’t join their tour. BUT when you take it positively, it is just another reason for me that I should come back! Yay! Haha


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