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Fangirl Diaries: KCON6 with GOT7

GOT7 is a new Boy Group created by JYP. They debuted wiith their song GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. Debuting under JYP, it didn’t took me that much time to like them and eventually be an IGOT7. SInce GOT7 just debuted I didn’t thought that this day will come this soon. It has been less than a year since Got7’s debut and me being an Ahgase. I remember it took years before I finally got to see 2pm perform here in the Philippines Before this day I was thinking how would I feel when I finally see them in flesh~ I remember myself crying hard when 2PM performed their first Song I’ll be Back from their 2PM what time is it Manila Concert.

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Before they were even Introduce on Stage I can hear voices and it seems its frpm Bambam and Jackson singing along with the VTR playing Stop Stop Stop it. These two really making fans more crazy! And when the Krimmy couple finally call them on stage! Got7 on stage!!! right before my eyes?! OMG!!! I think my heart will explode that time, due to my overflowing happiness!!! Got7! Is finally here!! Performing infront of their Filipino fans! Infront of me!! They were performing Stop Stop Stop It when the crowd went wild, really wild!! The screams were so crazy and thefans went up their chairs to see a better view, Sorry to the Bouncers who maybe keep saying Stop Stop Stop it during the whole time but they can’t just STOP us. Our love for Got7 is just so much! But I remember my friends who were in GenAd and I felt sorry.

Gimme, so far is my Favorite Got7 song that has a Dance Choreo (Forever Young is still on my toplist I guess), I just really love the “Come on and Give Me, Give me your Love and Make me, Make me your Man” the lyrics and the choreography is just so So when they were singing Gimme its like This is it!!! Got7’s Body wave!!! So after going crazy with a very loud and energetic song~

Got7 then sang Forever Young~ as the song calms down the fans did too. Fans started going down from the chairs they were standing too. YAY! Interview time!! Watch it here GOT7 TALK (Video not mine) I decided to Just listen to them and not take a fancam. Everyone gave a self introduction

Mark screams “What’s up Philippines?!” and everyone screamed!

Bambam: Kamusta! Ako si BamBam. Maganda Kayo. Mahal ko Kayo. (King of fanservice!! haha lol)

JR: Mabuhay! I’m Junior! Mahal namin Kayo (he got it right! SOME Idols usually says ‘Mahal Kita’ as they refer to the crowd which is kinda wrong)

They went back on stage and performed A, Moonlight and Girls Girls Girls After the peroformances GOT7 had a guessing game! Watch it here GOT7 Guessing game (credits to vannessa aquino)

Mark was laughing so hard during Youngjae’s turn and his he looks so cute!! it was asdfghjkl!!! Youngjae was scared because of a feather duster haha his hyung were reacting too much that he get scared. He spoke in English!! well he spoke in korean first maybe after realizing not all understands Korean he started speaking in English.

Mark’s expression when he poke the Watermelon was priceless. I got to finally witness his big laugh!


I was staring at Mark the whole time I guess, If only I’m an Artist I might able to draw his face after staring at hime the whole time. I just can’t help but stare at him from the time they enter the stage upto his last step out of the stage. I’ve got to finally saw Mark His face was perfect and his deep voice is so different from live and recorded! His voice is deeper when you hear it live. He’s smile is so bright! He looks really happy and was enjoying the stage! Especially during the Game!! He looks really cool.  For Me MARK IS THE MOST HANDSOME (so bias of me)


Everyone was saying that JB is the most handsome in person! And For me yes he is!!!! He’s features are more define in person!! But Mark is still the most handsome for me (so bias of me again) JB’s vocal has that something that differentiate his from others (I guess it’s like that to everyone but idk how I’ll explain it) Young Jae and JB’s Vocal


Like Wooyoung, he is exactly the same as what you see him onscreen and in person! BUT JR made it to my Second Bias in Got7!! Yay!! he’s sweet smile I guess really made me like him. He’s kinda not that energetic on stage as how I see him when watching their performance(It wasn’t that strong when he pushed Jackson), he seems sick maybe he’s not use to Philippines tempearture (I remember Hong Ki was also sick when they came here) and lastly his English He spoke in English!!! I guess even without a translator Got7 can make it.


He’s as energetic, excited, funny, cute and as talkative as ever!! He’s Jackson what else can I say? Hahaha he is himself! The one that makes everyone laugh! He’s really cute!! And he’s always beside Mark MarkSon Feels Jackson spoke most of the time as always. Hahaha he’s Jackson remember? Seeing Jackson almost everywhere in all shows makes me want to see him in person! The SBS Rookie Award for Variet Shows is here in the Philppines making everyone fall for his wild and sexy personality!


I think he’s the first ever Idol that I saw in person with a very light or blonde hair color. He’s vocals? Is just perfect! He deserves to be the number 1 when it comes to vocals in Got7. Youngjae’s vocal is really amazing!! Hitting those high notes was never a problem to him. He’s kinda quiet though, but during the Guessing Game! “What’s This?? What’s This? His English ‘asdfghjkl’ though its short I like it a lot when he spoke in English


Baby Bambam who even performed his famous Thai Rap as a bonus! The king of Fan Service indeed! Learning few of our words and even chose the sweetest one taht we’ve been waiting to hear “Maganda kayo, Mahal ko kayo” Well idols usually says “Mahal Kita” but Bambam said Mahal ko kayo~~ Everyone’s heart melted by Bambam’s sweet message


The giant baby of Got7! He’s really tall! Taller than all his young and yet he still has time to grow! I actually like Yugyeom’s voice its cuuute he’s in the middle of the vocals and the dancers I guess~ he’s the transition of the two. Yugyeom though doesn’t look like the Maknae yet you can still see that he really is the Maknae he looks so inncocent and cute at the same time!

I just didn’t get to see GOT7 perform live but I also gained friends for the first time in my life I went to a kpop event that I don’t know anyone, I learned how to approach people first and be friends with them. Thanks to Win who replied to my tweet to her and was really friendly and she even introduce me to Ate Dar and to another friend of hers (I’m really sorry that Ican’t remember her name I wasn’t able to hear it that well during that time and I felt shy asking for it again) I get to meet Ate Kim and Pam in the line whom I also talked to first. Now, I’m not afraid anymore to approach people first because I know it can lead to a new friendship

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