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KOREA 2015: Namsan Tower


Namsan Tower is one of the top reason of why I want to visit South Korea! Namsan Tower is known for its Love Locks and also for sightseeing the Seoul. I first saw Namsan Tower in WGM during the Khuntoria daysss. 

How to get there? 
Myeongdong Station Line 4 Exit 3 and look at your left side, you’ll see the Pacific Hotel walk going there and as you reach the hotel there are two separate roads choose the left side and continue walking until you reach the Cable Car going to Namsan Tower. 


While riding the Cable Car I can see the stairway to reach the Namsan Tower, I actually wish to walk going up and ride the cable car down but since we’re with the elders and they can’t so, we can’t. But Hey! The view from the cable car is really beautiful, I can see couples walking holding each other’s hand wearing couple shirts and some people walking with their pets. I definitely must come back and try using the stairway going up to the Namsan Tower.
Since it is just the end of the Winter season there are few leaves on the tree but still I can’t help but adore what I see from the Cable Car, its a beautiful scenery I can say.
As soon as I get down of the cable car, I felt the cold breeze of Namsan and it feels good and refreshing, I can jog there forever, I want to jog there everyday, How I wish~~  So, when we get out of the cable car, And just few steps away is already a “good spot to take pictures”, where  the famous Namsan Tower can be part of it. 👇
There’s a snack place also on your way up, where you can buy potato twists, drinks and locks. I really suggest to buy your locks from your country or from Daiso shops in Korea because its quite expensive for just a lock I think for me. It cost around P200 or $4.5.
Then few steps from my so called “good spot for taking pictures” is where you can put your love lock or for me a wish lock. There’s still a bigger place for locks when you continue going up where you can see the Kim Soo Hyun chair.

I was suppose to have a love lock of me and Mark (Got7) but my generous brother bought a lock for me so, forget about the me and mark love lock and instead I wrote a wish for my family.
And here’s another good picture taking spot where the Gazebo and Namsan Tower can be included in the picture
As we reach the Namsan Tower, I tried to look for the spot where my wallpaper for months were taken and look what I got. It took us many shots and Kit really tried including the whole tower.  👇 It’s almost the same right? Please say yes 🙏 Kit is already seating almost lying on the floor but it really can’t reach the top of the tower
We continue going up and I still havent locked my wish lock.  I was looking for Khun and Victoria’s lock but it is no where to be found 😭 (Still can’t get over with Khuntoria 💔) I actually took a video of the love locks while looking for their lock but I can’t upload it directly here. 
And here is it, the one I said where you can put locks too and the Kim Soo Hyun Chair 😍 Look! I took a photo with Kim Soo Hyun!! How I wish he’s smilling here. Hahaha
After going down we then take a photo with this classic gazebo. It looks so traditional and modern at the same time. I personally like the color combination of the Gazebo.
We are already running late for lunch time. We already planned ahead that we’ll eat at Noryangjin Fish Market and I really want to try eating a living baby octopus. So watch out for my next post it will definitely have my experience of eating a moving octopus.
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