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Upcoming VIXX concert in the Philippines


VIXX will soon have their First Concert here in the Philippines ” VIXX Live Fantasia in Manila Utopia” On May 2. It seems that my fangirl life is being showered generously with blessings, remember how I am not expecting to see GOT7 that soon and now I got to see VIXX to which I just recently started following or been fangirling this year or last quarter of last year?

It started because of my friend Yanie who is a starlight (VIXX fandom) She encouraged me to watch Boarding House No. 24 which I really enjoyed, it was so funny yet you’ll learn something from it! They have this thought or lesson at the end of every episode but what caught my attention the most was the Jae Hwan ❤️ Dohee chemistry! They’re so cute together Isn’t?? Wanna see it with you own eyes?

After that Jackson (Got7 💓) joined Hitmaker with Hyuk and N of VIXX! that’s how I got to know another 2 new members of VIXX I love how they easily got close with Jackson and their skinship with him LOL! Everyone in Hitmaker was so funny! Jackson’s “Is it because I’m a Chinese?!” And Hyuk’s wi-fi!!! Hahaha! I watch every episode of it as soon as it is subbed, at first it is because of Jackson (becaus I love GOT7) but as I continue watching I started liking the other members of hitmakers too~~
And that’s when I started watching more of VIXX variety shows and I really liked all the member maybe not as much as how I love my GOTPM❤️ (whom will always be at my first) but VIXX are undeniably talented and a variety material though I kinda find their MVs a bit scary (Sorry Startlights). As I watch their shows~~ Ken was different compared to his quiet and nerdy role in Boarding House No. 24. He’s really funny! He’s a big joker! And I don’t know but I really like him to be the eldest in VIXX. I just like him but I find Hongbin really handsome and cute I even thought that he’s VIXX maknae BUT I like Ravi’s talent and IDK I like him though for an IDK reason And now! I can’t really choose my bias! I always Shift from Hongbin -> Ken -> Ravi.
I FINALLY GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE THEM AND EVEN A HI TOUCH WITH THEM!! Thanks to my friend Yanie for treating me to VIXX concert, thanks to her friend for the 25% off coupon and Thanks to my Dad who’ll upgrade my ticket from a Lowerbox to VIP yay!!!
Keep updated with VIXX concert news, fandom plans and ticket sales. Visit my friend’s blog dedicated for VIXX concert here. VIXX CONCERT UPDATES
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