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What to bring when watching a concert? 

SInce it is a very rare opportunity make sure that you are prepared for your most awaited concert! You don’t want to end up regretting at the end for not preparing.

1. Lightsticks / Boards
If you find those official lightsticks quite expensive there are these ordinary lightsticks that you can buy. Many fandoms did awesome project using their lightsticks. Red Ocean for TVXQ, Blue Ocean for SUJU and many more. If you want to get notice alone or you want to catch you bias’ attention then try making a catching fan board and raise it really high to get noticed!
2. Cameras
You don’t want to miss the chance of having your very own fancam or capture the memorable moment of finally seeing your favorite idol group! Since SLR cameras are usually not allowed in concerts this Digital Samsung Camera can easily pass throught the bag inspection plus! Its lenses goes really long and it zooms really far and clear! So I suggest you bring this kind of camera so that you won’t have any conflict with the security guard.
3. Phones
Don’t lose contact with your friends, surely there will be a lot of fans who’s going to watch the concert too. You don’t want to spend the whole time looking for your friends instead of watching your idols also concerts usually ends very late don’t make your parents worried because they can’t contact you. Phones can also be use as a camera!! If ever the battery of your camera run out use your cellphone instead!
4. Cash
You can’t go to a concert venue without this and definitely you can’t go home without it! Or who knows your idol might be eating somewhere near the venue, then grab a chance to eat in the same restaurant or cafe and have the same orders with your idol!
5. Tickets
Well? How can you watch a concert without a ticket? Never ever forget your tickets at home or lose it! When you buy a ticket in SM Tickets they always come along with a paper envelope that can be easily torn and get wet.  What I do is I put my concert ticket in a hard medium sized plastic envelope for me  to make sure that it wont get wet, to easily check that it’s in my bag and to make sure I wont lose it.
Optional stuffs that you can bring too:
Selfie Stick – I haven’t brought one in any concert but  during the KCON many brought theirs and was allow.
Make up Kit – If you are given a chance for a backstage pass or a Hi Touch with your idol, you don’t want them to see you looking all hagard and oily. So, make sure to bring something you can use to retouch and refresh!!
Paper and Pen – It’s really rare for them to give authographs out of nowhere but just in case! Atleast your prepared. It’s better to be ready than sorry!
But above anything else, make sure that you enjoy the concert! Scream, Sing and Jump along with your idols and other fans! Enjoy the night watching those amazing performance!
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