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A Day in La Union

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    My summer will never be complete without an out of town trip! So here’s my travel diary in La Union, the surfing capital of the Philippines!! 

  We left the Florida bus Station at 8:00 pm and arrived at Balaoan La Union at 1:45 in the morning.  I didn’t expect for it to be cold, I’m not anywhere near baguio and it’s summer time afterall. We arrived first than my ninang’s family so we waited for a while. We talked about how comfortable it is riding the Florida Bus and that I slept the whole travel time (and I regret forgetting to take a picture to commemorate my first public bus ride). I woke up several times and I tried to look for the scenery but I always doze off hahaha. It is my first time riding a public bus going to a province. Well, we attempted to ride a bus going to a province many times but I always strongly disagree because I thought it will be very hassle and tiring. But after riding the bus, I think I can now travel cheaply and to more places since I can ride a public bus instead of bringing our car.

  This was actually the first time I really felt that I’m staying in a province maybe because we don’t have our car  with us and we use the same public transpo as how the people live in La Union. (Though we later on use a car haha) Their trike looks really cool!!!     We went to the public market first thing in the morning to buy some foods to eat (of course). The prices are incredibly lower than the market price in Manila!! We bought this 2 native chickens for P550 due to my demand.     We went back to my ninang’s house and had some rest while the others cook for lunch.

The background is really a picture of a province 😊

     I love eating raw foods, Sashimi my forever  and the baby octopus that I tried in Noryangjin Market in South  Korea but they are all seafoods unlike what they have offered me to eat, it’s a cow meat!! It is called Kilawin where they use a vinegar to cook the meat but it looks really raw! I tried it and its really chewy and I can’t really taste the meat because of the strong sour flavor. I was really hesitant to try it but Gladly I ate it.     After eating our lunch we ate green mangoes or indian mangoes that were harvested because we want to eat some hahaha it’s fresh from the tree haha lol. There’s a surplus of mangoes in their place!  After our mango party, we then left to surf!! Yay!!!  

A family picture of course!

  So we surfed at Sebay Resort in San Juan La Union (I’ll be posting details of this later)

There I am trying my best to get up!

I made it! I was able to stand above the board!

  After surfing, though the sun is nowhere to be found, my eagerness to climb to where the Christ The Redeemer Statue didn’t fade so from sebay, we then Drove to San Fernando La Union to visit the statue. And the view from the top was beautiful, the photos just don’t give justice to how beautiful it is up there.       As soon as we got home, I felt tired and my body starts to ache. I just want to lie down and sleep but I was forced to eat my dinner. So right after eating my dinner, I went straight to my room and Hello Dreamland.  The next morning is already our departure day, we regretfully needed to leave La Union due to VIXX concert that I will attend that night.We rode a Partas bus on our way home. At first I was really happy because you can lie down, it was really like a bed. The only thing I didn’t like was that Partas bus has so many stop overs and I was already running late! So in conclusion, suggest not to take a Partas bus if you’re in a rush. But if you want to sleep and be all comfortable and you’re not in a rush Partas bus is a very good choice. Thought it was a bit pricey than Florida it was reasonable since the seat/bed was really comfortable. It was an 8 hour drive by the way for P550.

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