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Korean Style Food Trip: Sopoong Food House + Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake

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I was already craving for Pat Bing Su even before going to the mall to buy a gift for my mom. So, after finally purchasing the gift that I think my mom will love, I dragged my sister with me and we went to the Garnet Rd. The Garnet Rd is filled with Korean Cafes, Ramen House, Korean Grocery Stores and stuffs related to Korea. While on our walk to Mr. Park’s Cafe to eat Pat Bing Su we saw this Ramen place that offers Korean Foods with very cheap Price!! 



It was nice inside, the interior is simple but I liked it, I really liked it. There’s a bright feeling inside
So to prove that it’s really cheap here, Tada!  Sopoong Food House Menu!!
Since eating out wasn’t in our list today and I still want to eat Pat Bing Su, we ordered the cheapest that they have! Hahaha
Sopoong Ramen that is for P99 only and Half Gimbap for P50!. So the meal was P149 per person!! Isn’t really affordable?
I think most of us Filipino are a bit concern when it comes to the spiciness of Korean foods that we tend to hesitate to eat. But Sopoong Ramen’s spiciness is manageable, it’s not very spicy and yet you can say “Waaah this is a korean ramen” there’s a soothing spiciness on it. I enjoyed it but it I don’t know but it kinda seems like an instant ramen(?) I’m not sure though.
Gimbap! When I took a bite of it I remember the time when I was eating it at a bus stop in Jochiwon, South Korea. We ate this as we wait for the arrival of the bus and I just miss Korea so much now. It is not satiating at all, and I personally like their Gimbap.
Next Stop! MR. PARK’S BREAD and CAKE
So today is my third time in Mr. Park’s and today will be my first time trying the popular korea summer food Bing Su! So what is a Bing Su? It is a shaved ice that is usually top with red beans that korean eats during summer to beat the hight temperature.
So we ordered Chocoholic Bingsu
On top of the shaved ice is a vast amount of chocolate ice cream, pillows, some cereals, oreos and banana. If you’re afraid it will be very sweet then I’m informing you it won’t because of the shaved ice beneath those layers of chocolates and the banana helped too in lessening the sweetness.
The next time I visit Mr. Park’s I definitely have to try Pat Bing Su
I’ll be writting a compiled review of my visit in Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake.
Mr. Park/s Bread and Cake
Location: Ground Floor, Eton Emerald Lofts, Garnet Street Corner F. Ortigas Jr, Ortigas, Pasig City
Contact No.: (02)621-1197
Sopoong Food House
Location: Garnet St. Cor. Emerald Ave. in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
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