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Got7 is back with ‘Just Right’

Credit: JYP Entertainment


Got7 is back to give encouragement to the girls and ladies with their new track JUST RIGHT. JYP wrote the song and indeed JYP again proved that he’s a really great songwriter! The song strongly says that the ladies are just right how they are now and that they don’t need to change. I personally think that this song can boost the confidence of ladies there. It is a song that is cheerful and playful.

The repetive lyrics manmanmanman at Junior and JB’s part makes me sing with them.
“jigeumcheoreom manmanmanmanman man isseojumyeon nannannannannan baralge eopseuni neon amugeotdo bakkuji mamamamama

amu geokjeongmamamamamama neoui modeunge dadadada da joheunikka neoneun amugeotdo bakkuji mamamamama” 

As soon as it played I already love the melody of this song. The strong vocals and blending of Got7 is showcased here. There was enough part for the vocal and the rap parts making everyone standouts. The changing of the melody or the rhythm prevents one from getting tired of listening to it. It is the only song that I played that day on repeat. I just love the song, the concept and the meaning of the song Just Right. This is so far my favorite Got7 song beating the song in my top list (I like you, Forever Young, Gimme and Stop Stop It)

As soon as the song was out I downloaded it already and bought it in itunes too. This is actually my first time buying an album from itunes. Because the album is just so good as a whole and I really love it alot!!

The music video was also very creative and cute how I wish I have them too in my table. Got7 is just so cute and lovely in the MV 💕 Don’t you think so? Their facial expressions and their smiles 😍 For me I love the song, the mv, the concept and of course I love Got7 ❤️

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