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Bring out the inner Katniss in you with Archery


I bet many have watched Hunger Games and had adored the braveness of Katniss “the girl on fire” and her skills in Archery! Archery is a game that uses a bow and an arrow in shooting the target which is usually the center of the circle.

Ever since I’ve read a blogpost from one of my favorite blogger about Archery it already took my interest and I really want to try it. My eagerness to try it deepen when I saw N (VIXX) , Bora (Sistar) and Sohyun (4 Minute) in Idol Star Athletic Championship play it really seriously hitting on the bull’s eye and they look really cool and professional!

I’ve actually found two Archery Range near my place one is less expensive but farther and the place is smaller and then Gandiva which is slightly more expensive than the other. Since it was unplanned and we don’t have much time, we choose Gandiva because it was really convenient for us.
When we entered the range we were asked to fill up a sheet of paper with our basic information. After finishing the sheet we started putting the gears like for the arms and the bag for the arrows. We were then asked to choose for our target paper. There were hearts, head, a tree and the simplest one the circle which we all choose because it kinda look professional just like what I have seen in IASC (If you’re curious about IASC click on IASC)


We were given our bow that will fit us since the bows have different weights so it varies depending on the person. My bow was number 14 it wasn’t that heavy and I can carry it with one hand. Next is the guidelines and instructions as to how to focus, to shoot and the right stance. It took as awhile to understand how to pull our string up to our cheek. I know pulling it to the cheek was easy but idk I just don’t get it right.

Finally! We get to experience being like Katniss and get to shoot! the kuya was still assisting us during the first set while adjusting the bow for us. And afterwards we were left and started shooting on our own.

Everyone have to shoot at the same time and wait for the others before retrieving the arrows to avoid accidents of getting hit by the arrow of another. Every after a set they have to keep waiting for me because I’m not yet done. I was slow because I was trying my best to focus it. And the fact that everyone got scores above 8 already and here I am still on 3 huhuhu.

The idols in ISAC were all so good and looks cool so I thought it will be easy to hit 10 but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it will be! It was hard! My left hand was moving! Even if you have focused or centered your arrow to 10 but your left hand moved as you release the string it won’t hit 10!

At the end I only get to hit 8 as my highest and of course I already took a photo with it because I’ve thought that that might be my highest already

 My cousins Ian and Anri were so good they always shoot near 10, Ian was a able to hit 10! My sister started good shooting near the center but maybe she got tired that her arrows started going far from the center.

I inquired about being a member of them and the staff said that if you wish to join you must attend their class. I have searched about it before since I really want to give it a try it was 12,000 for 15 hrs. I was informed that currently they have a promo (which I forgot to ask until when) you can have your own bow + free 15 hours use of the range for 15,000!

I further asked for details about joining competitions, it was kinda unclear for me though but it seems that they can arrange it for you.

We were lucky that there was one enrolled student there with us. So I was able to ask her  some questions she said she started for about a year ago and also she have tried competing already for several times. She’s just 15, so I was worried that I’m to old for this since I’m already 20 😭 but fortunately!! 😊 She said there are different competition for every age range. So I’m still safe! Haha As the saying goes. “It is never too late to start a new hobby!” So, why don’t you give it a try?

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    Yay!! So happy for your new hobby <3

    August 24, 2015 at 3:18 am
    • Reply littlemissjanine

      Yanie, I tried it after watching N practicing for IASC

      October 16, 2015 at 12:04 pm

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