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Tickets Pre-Selling: Got7’s The First Fanmeeting in the Philippines 

Got7 Fanmeeting

Got7 will be back here in Manila on November 14, 2015 for their First Fanmeeting in the Philippines. Got7 last performed in Manila for KCON2014 giving hope for Igot7ph that they’ll be back here for a concert. But though it wasn’t a concert, Filipino Ahgases are sure passionate and very supportive on their next visit in the Philippines from the crowd I have witnessed yesterday in the pre-selling of tickets.

Credits: All Access Production

The preselling includes SVIP tickets that is limited for 200 Photo Ops and another 200 for Hi Touch. With just a very limited number of opportunity to meet Got7 upclose ahgases are surely very worried of not being able to have a the chance to have a picture with them or high five them.

Yanie accompanied me going to Araneta though she won’t be buying a ticket, supportive friend indeed 💕. We arrived at around 9am in Cubao and there are long lanes already in different Mall entrance. Thanks to my friend Win and our Ates that came first. I’m really really thankful I have them.

The mall security guards opened the door at exactly 10am. Everyone run to the escalator as fast as they can. While running for the escalator that goes up I saw a girl that is running up using the escalator that goes down and when I look at clearly at her it happened that it was Win!!! Then other fans then followed her but unlike Win some were unsuccessful that they trip and fall over.

 When I reached the Cineplex there was a lane that you can follow. I tried looking for Win that is unsuprisingly (because she runs really fast) at the start of the lane. I then move going to her when I finally reached her the crowd suddenly were in front pushing each other, there was no lane anymore and it was chaotic we’re pushed from our left, right and behind. Everyone’s trying their best to get hold of the number. While being pushed inside the crowd Win received a call to inform us that we already have a number thanks to Ate Twacy and our other Ates 😊

The crowd calm down a little bit as we get hold of our number and we got to have some time to sit and take a rest after losing all our energy. We sort out who will sit with each other and such. At first I am supposed to sit with the fansites but Win insisted that I’ll sit with her (Thank you Win). 

While waiting for our number to be called Cineplex played a video of Got7 greeting their Filipino Ahgase (not sure though of the content because I can’t here it well) and Got7’s MV that Ahgase sang with.

When our number was called we’re back with our Ninja Moves again hihihi and were able to skip for numbers.

And finally!!! We have our tickets already!!! It was all really thanks to Win and our Ates 😊See you soon Got7! See you soon Mark 💕

P.S. And of course thanks to Yanie for coming with me who was pushed in the Crowd as well. Thank you Yanie!

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  • Reply Big Bang MAMA 2015

    Wow GOT7 come to Philippines! Wondering when will GOT7 and Big Bang come to Indonesia. Even though they do come I need to make effort (saving money, I mean) so I can see them!

    March 5, 2016 at 4:55 am
    • Reply Janine Louric

      Got7 been here twice so I think they will come back again in Indonesia! However huhuhu big bang members are entering the army soon T.T I really regret not watching their concert here last year

      March 7, 2016 at 1:07 am

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