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Canyon Cove

Canyon Cove

During our summer vacation me and my friends googled for beaches where we can celebrate our birthdays together and while browsing I learned that Batangas has many resorts and beaches that are accessible by land. But when I saw a picture of Canyon Cove I was in awe for its picturesque  view. I told myself that if ever me and my friends’ plan won’t push through I’ll ask my family to go with me and I want it to be within this year! Going to beach was never my thing because I’m afraid of getting tan and still in trauma of the fact that I lost my favorite T-shirt in the beach while I was still young. So it has been a really long time that I wanted to go to the beach. (excluding when I surfed, at that time I just surfed then left).



<p>It was late at night when we arrive at Canyon Cove. And we’re so tired from the long trip but we are at rest when we’re welcomed with a soothing and comforting piano piece in the lobby. I approach the information desk to ask for the rooms I reserved. Well, 2 thumbs up for the very acommodating receptionist who despite the many questions we threw onto her, she answers each in detail and with a smile. Everyone were so excited to see our room so we didn’t stay that long in the lobby and went to our room with the help of the baggage assistance staffs that guided us on our way to our room while pushing the baggage carrier. </p align= “justify”>


canyon cove

 It was a first come first serve basis upon room assignment. So, unfortunately, Our room was at the lower floors since we came late. I reserved three rooms for us since we are 9. The two rooms I reserved have a queen size bed and a bed by the window and the room that I’ll be using with Richelle and Anri has 2 single size bed and another bed by the window. I entered our room last so the bed left for me is by the window. The bed is comfortable even though it doesn’t look fluffy at all. My other two cousins went to our room to watch a movie and I think 6 people can fit in our room. I requested for an extra water, pillow and blanket and it is free of charge! I was very sleepy that I fell asleep while waiting for my blanket and pillow  but when I woke up there is already a blanket covering me. My sister told me she also fell asleep and it was my cousins who received the blanket and pillow.






You can see the pool and beach from the island cafe and the lobby. The pool and the beach are right across each other so its easy to transfer from the pool to the beach. The center pool is divided depending on how deep it is. It was a the same picturesque view I saw in the internet! The pool is blue and clean and the tall trees makes the view perfect! It was raining in the morning and I’m still hesitant to start swimming and just wanted to stay at my room but when we went down many were already in the pool despite of the rain.


Luckily the pool wasn’t crowded that we can swim freely without bumping to  other people. We even had a race and played “matatayataya”. By the way the trees at the center of the pool is also designed as a resting area in the pool because you can sit on it.




After some playing time in the pool we then walk our way to the beach. The beach was unfortunately brown because of the typhoon but we were informed that it is blue when the weather is calm. The wave was strong! It was pulling us then it will throw us! It was really strong! Huhuhu It was really unfortunate because no activity was allowed in the beach 😭 but then we still tried to do something fun like burying my cousin under the sun and playing a game that I have seen in Korean variety shows.

canyon cove

For the game there is a stick at the center that stands with the help of the sand and taking turns we will remove a part of the sand and whoever make the stick fall loses. Luckily I didn’t lose and doesn’t have to do the punishment.


After playing with the sand and being pulled and thrown by the sea we decided to go back to the pool. We needed to shower for long because the sands were inside our swimsuit. When we’re back in the pool, my cousin taught us how to save people, Rem also let us ride at his back while he’s swimming without our head getting into water. Ian carried me on his shoulder, Remrem is with Maveric and Anri on Richelle’s shoulder. But despite Ian being tall and strong we lose because of my weak push and Maveric’s strong push!! While playing, the clouds suddenly turned dark and it rained hard. We run out of the pool, at that time I was so scared thinking that there might be a tsunami! But after few minutes the rain was gone and the sun was up though it was still very windy.

Everyone’s hungry and tired so we decided to stop swimming. But before we returned to our room, of course! It is already a custom that we have our photoshoot! Hihihi So I’ll share with you some of our pictures you might like some of the view we took.





Canyon Cove Rates

Canyon Cove offers water activites that can be done when the sea is calm and because of the wind and the rain we can’t do any of it but I still inquired about its rate to share with you.



Breakfast is included in our bedroom rate. So we confidently walk to the cafe. We are given a Breakfast menu where we can choose from and coffee is for self service that is near the entrance of the cafe. Hotdog and sunny side up egg wasn’t in the menu but they prepared it for us without additional charges and hot choco is served upon request.


Lastly I would say staying in Canyon Cove was worth your time and money. You will definitely be able to relax, rejuvenate some energy and have fun and quality time with your family. They will really make you feel like a VIP. I wanted to stay longer and try all the water activities huhu but sadly we just can’t but then I think its good because it is another reason why we should go back to Canyon Cove and I really wanted to go back very soon! Thanks to Canyon Cove I guess I will start going to beach again.


Additional Information

+ Ask as many question as you want all staffs were very accommodating

+ Come early so that you can ask for a room that is on the higher level where you can see a better view and for picture taking too!

+ Breakfast is offered from 6am-9am. If you don’t like all the meals in the menu try asking for the food you want if they can make that for you.

+ Pools are open for Overnight stay from 7am-9pm

+ The bottles of water and coffee sachets in the room are included in your package for the room.

+ You can ask for additional blankets and pillows without any additional charge

+ Baggage Assistance is requested upon call


Location: Far East Road, Piloto Wawa, Nasugbu

Contact Number: (02) 908 1111

Website: Canyon Cove | Facebook | Twitter

Rate: 5/5

Disclaimer: The statements are all base from my own opinion and actual experience.

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