Wrapping up my 2015

wrapping up my 2015

By wrapping up 2015, what I mean is I’ll be summarizing the events, achievements and crossed out items in my bucketlist that happened during 2015. In short, this post will sum up my 2015.

So, I’ll start with how 2014 was for me and how much I was looking forward for 2015 to come. 2014 wasn’t that a good year me, it was a sad and boring one for me I guess. Well during the last quarter of the year I was too focus in studying a certain subject that is just so hard that I keep getting low grades despite of the sleepless night I have. I remember going to Starbucks almost everyday that time to study with my friends and I get home really late and still study. But it wasn’t all bad, by the end of the 2014, I finally get to see Got7 in person, I didn’t thought that I’ll see them that soon. It was a great year ender gift for me.

It was in 2014 when I took a step closer to the place I’ve always wanted to visit, It was in September 2014 that I booked my ticket going to the Land of The Morning Calm, South Korea. And that was my motivation to be happy, exert effort and do my best everyday because by the end of the Semester by March 2015 I will be rewarded.

Let me share this to you, I don’t know if you believe in this or you’ll believe it but I read my horoscope for 2015, it says that I’ll have that “dream come true trip” and the thing that came to my mind was South Korea. It also says that 2015 will be a year of travel and adventure for me and I would say it really was. So I’ll now start summing up my 2015~



We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of my parents with a little surprise in their room and simple family dinner.

My year started with a big blessing from God because our country is one of the countries that Pope Francis visited. I was waiting in the front row when I finally saw Pope Francis from a far and I just can’t explain how it feels. But I was so happy 😀



It was my first time visiting Sky Ranch, I know its a bit late but at least I was able to go there and feel the cold breeze of Tagaytay.



I’ve been waiting for this month because I’m finally going to South Korea and I was so excited the night before our departure. Finally my feet landed in Incheon Airport and I was just so excited to explore South Korea.  Namsan Tower was my phone wallpaper for months until March 2015. And it is the place I want to visit the most in South Korea, I was so happy when I finally get to see Namsan Tower. It felt like I was in the Dramas I was watching. I went to places I’ve seen in dramas and variety shows, I get to experience their culture and tried their foods. It was 5 happy days that I will never forget


I started my internship on March and I finished at the end of April. There are things I realize while on my internship one of those  is that becoming a CPA is not a boring thing and not just about office work, you can also go do some field work. In the Audit firm I attended they send out their auditors to the companies they audit, some of these are resorts, hotels cafes etc. I was able to go out for a field work during the last week of my internship and I would say, that time I don’t want to finish my internship it was so fun and I was really enjoying it. Oh by the way I had my internship in an audit firm in Makati. They were very welcoming and will really let you experience what it is like to be an auditor.



Another item off my bucketlist ❤️ that is Surfing! And also it was my first time going to a province riding a bus because I really strongly disagree going for long trips not using our car because I thought it will be very uncomfortable but I was wrong! It wasn’t I was actually sleeping the whole trip. I didn’t know that there are buses with chairs that tilts so so you can sleep better. Anyway back to Surfing, well we went to the beach solely for me to experience Surfing, it seems pretty hard at the start but I was able to make it at the end.


It was in May also that I watched the VIXX Concert and had my first ever High Touch Event. I wasn’t a big fan its just that I’ve seen Ken in one of the sitcom I’ve watched and I loved the Dohee X Ken couple. I was a Ken biased when I went in for the high touch but went out as a Ravi bias. Yeah, because he’s just so charismatic when in stage and looks so friendly during the high touch.



My birthday this year marks the end of my teenage life. I’m now 20! I had a simple celebration this year with my family and friends. Wishing that I can be a more mature person this year.



Its been  13 years? since I last saw Ian and Anri so I was so happy with the news that they’ll be coming back here in the Philippines. I really thought it will be awkward and we’ll have a hard time having conversations since Ian can only speak Japanese and English (he said he’s not good) while Anri can speak Japanese and Tagalog. Thank God Ian was really good in English. And we have this Language lesson every night where study each others language. It was awkward I guess in the first day but day after that we were joking and teasing each other as if we were together during those 13 years.



We went to Subic to have a close encounter with the tigers then after seeing other exotic animals in Zoobic, we went to Ocean Adventure to see the super cute dolphinsssss. They are just so adorable if only I can bring one home, I really will.


Canyon Cove! Sadly, Me and my friends weren’t able to go during the summer but I really loved the view when my friends showed me a picture so I made sure that I’ll go there soon! You will really be able to relax in Canyon Cove and they’ll treat you like a VVVVIP.


New Domain! from to to Actually, There’s a book writer that has littlemissho as her pen name. So, since I want to have my own original domain name and I think using my name will be the best way that I cannot be compare or be similar to another because its already my name.


Janine with Mark

Got7! Got7! I get to see Got7 again before the year ends! JYP appa is being generous to PH ahgase. It’s the first fanmeet of got7 here in the Philippines and I was one of the many igot7 that had a chance to have a photo op with them. <3 My phone got restored so my photos has been deleted so that’s the only photo I’m left with. I spent around 2 hours holding my hand up to take a fancam and it all get deleted. Thanks to AAP I still have one!


My uncle after not coming back to Philippines after 8 years went home. We wanted to tour him around Philippines like what we did to my cousin but you know since he’s kinda old I don’t really know if he’ll enjoy the things that I’ll suggest to do. So we just eat and eat and eat.







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    Jajang! Is it okay if I follow the format of this post? Since I want to wrap things up and stop my “life lately” segment it would be a good “finale”.

    Your 2015 seems eventful I look forward for a great year with you my friend!

    December 30, 2015 at 8:39 am
    • Reply littlemissjanine

      Sure! Sure!
      I really had so much fun this 2015. Well, we both had an eventful 2015!! I hope we’ll have a great 2016 too 🙂

      December 31, 2015 at 7:40 am
  • Reply Yanie

    AAAAND also 🙁 sighs i want to try internship at RT. And bc of my int aud prof I feel I want to become an auditor ㅠㅠㅠ OTL

    December 30, 2015 at 8:41 am
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