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Ocean Adventure at Subic

Ocean Adventure Subic

Ocean Adventure located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone is said to be the first open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure allows sea animals to live and enjoy in a natural water habitat and also they take under the care some land animals that are abandoned or lost. You will surely have fun in there because they have Floating Habitat where you can see the dolphins perform, Sea Lion Show that will surely get you entertained and their big aquariums to have a close look of this underwater creatures.image

They actually have a schedule for their feature show from the short land animals show to the sea lions’s performance so I suggest that you call them for the schedule for the day because each shows runs twice only one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We first sit to watch some tricks performed by smart dogs, birds, bat and other land and air animals. Upon the short show they shared their advocacy of taking care and giving love to the animals that are left out on the street or abandoned.


After the show we went out to take a picture with this walking dolphin and had our lunch while waiting for the next show and that is dolphin show! Well I really want to share this, the price for the food was just right that I thought what I ordered is for one person only but it was actually for two. So before ordering I suggest you ask for how many person is the meal for.

Ocean Adventure Subic

Finally its the dolphin show!!! The dolphins are just so cute, smart and talented. While the dolphins are performing some tricks, the speaker told us that dolphins are mammals like humans so they have the instinct to save people who are drowning. The dolphins looks so lovely and adorable. If only I can bring home one and take care of it I really will.

Ocean Adventure Subic

These dolphins help human when they are drowning or in danger in the sea, let us also help these dolphins to live their life longer and to enjoy the nature. There aren’t that many dolphins in the sea so, let’s take care of the remaining let’s try our best to minimize our waste disposal or avoid throwing hazardous chemicals or trashes in the sea. So that one day we can see dolphins jumping or flying or swimming in every sea we are.

We were both fortunate and unfortunate that day, unfortunate because we can’t swim with the dolphins because they only allow swimming with the dolphins during morning but fortunate because we were allowed to have a photo encounter with the dolphins. So were were given a choice whether we will use their camera and took only around 5 photos and choose one among them or use our own camera to take a video and a photo, of course we chose the second option.

Ocean Adventure Subic

After the dolphin show is the Sea Lion Show, these sea lions must be hungry they’ve been eating a lot while performing their tricks. They can clap, ring the bell, jump high and other tricks as well.

The park is near it closing time when the sea lion show finished so we weren’t able to walk a lot around the park.

Ocean Adventure is just few minutes drive away from Zoobic Safari so why not see the water and land animals both in a day!


Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222

(047) 252 9000

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P.S. Thumbnail Photo is not mine (credits to and the rest are mine. Sorry for sharing very few photos my memory got restored so all photos here are from my sister’s ipad

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