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Tourist map singapore

I gathered some Singapore Tourist Map that I used in planning for our Itinerary on our Singapore-Malaysia Trip and here are they. Well, after my first experience in South Korea where I planned everything with the help of other travel bloggers and their stories luckily we didn’t get lost. Because of it, I gained confidence that I can do it again this time. By the way, I got everything from the Internet, so none of these are mine.

1.) Tourist Spot Maps

Tourist Spot Map

Tourist Spot Map

You can use this to identify the tourist spot that are near each other and group them so you can visit them in one day.

2.) MRT/LRT Map


This is a must have for me when I go to another country because this is really a good help. I can go anywhere when I have this. And I really love riding them because they are fast, cheap and accessible. Here’s a tip, encircle the train station nearest to your Hotel or Guesthouse so if ever you get lost and no one can speak your language you can point at that station to get help from people passing by.

3. Google Map


So, I used Google Map to get a better view of the places I’ll visit in one day.

4. Other Reference Map Singapore Travelholic

Click this Link: Singapore Maps

Singapore Travelholic offers detailed Singapore Tourist Map of the streets of each tourist spots that can be useful while going around the certain tourist spots that you want to visit.

 5. Maps from the Airport

Grab every map that you can get from the airport! Airports usually give this for free o make travelling easy for tourists. They’ll be very useful for your trip, it can also serve as memorabilia or you can use them for your scrapbooks!

I really hope this can help you out in planning your trip in Singapore! Enjoy and have fun wandering around Singapore! 🙂

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