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Singapore: Day 1 – Fragrance Hotel Review


Singapore – known as the Lion City or “Singapura” derived from the Malay words “Singa” for Lion and “Pura” for city. Now, Singapore has been one of the well off countries in Asia. Singapore actually has an impression of a country that is very rich with an expensive cost of living to me but nevertheless I still want to visit Singapore! I want to see the famous Merlion and finally get to one of the Universal Studios in the world.


At the Airport

Changi Airport has been awarded numerous title including last year’s awards as  best airport for 2015. We landed exactly at 11:57 pm in Singapore’s Changi Airport it is the way I expected it to be. It really looked like a shopping mall that offers everything you will need. So from arrival area it wasn’t that a long walk to get to Changi Aiport’s center. As I was advise I looked for the counter where I can get the wifi password . I thought the wifi password  was for the whole Singapore little did I know that you can only use it inside the Airport T.T

Singapore Day 1 Changi Airport



Make sure to take this free maps and tourist guides it will be really helpful in your stay in Singapore. It shows the train maps, the tourist spots in Singapore, how to to get there, where to eat and where to shop. So it is basically a must have item while travelling.

money changer changi airport

Don’t have any SG Dollars? No worries like most airports they have money changers here. It is located on the left side from the exit doors where you took your luggage. If you’re planning to go to Malaysia they have RM here also.

changi airport

There’s no MRT at that time and I didn’t dare try to figure out the bus routes so we don’t have any other option but to take a cab. Unlike in the Philippines and just like in any other country only 4 can ride the cab and they strictly follow it! From Changi Airport to Geyalng it cost us S$ 23 for the trip. Don’t be surprise if from S$17 the taxi meter jumped to S$23 because they add a certain percentage depending on the time you travel.

Fragrance Hotel Review

Fragrance Hotel Singapore

I’ve read Fragrance Hotel from blogs and heard it from my friends who went to Singapore before me. So I kinda decided to just stay in Fragrance Hotel, after some research I found out that Fragrance Hotel has many branches out there in Singapore. But among all their branches I was stuck to two branches to decide for the one in Bugis and the other is in Aljunied. Bugis’ rate is twice as Aljunied because the area is very accessible since there are two train lines that crosses in Bugis Station and Bugis is also known as a place where you can buy pasalubongs to add more I’ve read thru the comments that Filipinos are the staffs in the front desk.

So I really opted for Bugis will all these positive sides but unfortunately they are fully booked on the days that we’re staying. How unlucky of us there! I’ve finished already the “How to go there” column of our itinerary all starting from Bugis then suddenly it was fully booked so I have to look for another hotel and start all over my “How to go there” column again.

BUT I really recommend choosing Bugis over Aljunied convenience and location wise, you don’t know how many times I’ve said “If only we’re staying at Bugis… “. So make sure to make your booking early! Back to where we’re staying~ Leaving us with no choice so I booked for a family suite in Aljunied.

The Family suite is Good for 4 person but they will allow up to 5 persons. We kinda had a problem when we arrive at Fragrance Hotel since I only booked for 1 room because my aunt and her family decided to come with us really late so we decided to book when we arrive. And I REALLY REGRET it! because one night almost cost our 5 day stay in Fragrance Hotel! T.T The rate in is much lesser than when you book it there. I just recently found out, This goes the same here in ph the online booking is cheaper than thru phone call.









Base on my experience or stay in Fragrance Hotel – Pearl I would say:

  • The staffs are really friendly! They even called a van to drive us to the airport. We’re suppose to ride 3 cabs but the front desk told us that it will be cheaper if we call a van and they can do the arrangement for it. And so we said yes and it was actually cheaper and more convenient
  • They have Hot Shower, free shampoos, soap, shower cap and towels
  • The waters and coffees are for free
  • Telephone calls are also of free charge — make use of it and order some delivery! 🙂
  • They strictly follow the occupants limit number
  • If by chance you came to Fragrance Hotel earlier than your check in time they will let you leave your bag under their care and start your Singapore tour the same goes for your checkout

It was really a comfortable stay in Fragrance Hotel – Pearl. It was pretty convenient if you’re going to commute but I would still say that the one in Bugis is more convenient base on the train system.

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