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Baguio City in One Day

baguio in one day

BAGUIO CITY — the summer capital of the Philippines! We’ve been here numerous times that I thought we’ll never come back again. And I was actually sad with that thought in my mind because though we’ve been in Baguio for so many times I wasn’t able to save nor print that much decent photos from our trip.

We originally wanted to stay overnight at Baguio but unfortunately my and my cousin’s schedule didn’t let it happen (we both still have classes) but it still end up, my cousin not coming with us 😭

2:15 am off to Baguio

So, we decided to leave early so that the sun will be up when we’re going up to Baguio.

6:45 am arrived at Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary Manaoag

Baguio in one day

For the numerous times we’ve been to Baguio, there was never a time that we didn’t visit the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary Manaoag. The Basilica is along the way going to Baguio. So, Why not visit it say a little prayer to ask for guidance and a safe trip.

7:15 am left Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary Manaoag

We didn’t stayed that long in the Basilica, each of us lighted a candle and said a short prayer

8:00am Chowking at La Union

We were looking for a place to eat as soon as we left the Basilica. We were all hungry that time so, we opted to eat at Chowking because its the first one that showed up though most of us wanted to eat pancakes.

8:43am off to Baguio

10:30 Burnham Park — ride boat

baguio in one day

As soon as we arrived at Baguio, our first stop was at Burnham Park where we rode a boat for 150/hr. They have boats in different colors and cute designs and they also have a swan that is good for 2 persons. I personally want to ride a swan simply because it’s cute and you don’t have to paddle you just need to pedal. I wish we were prepared and has tons of time so we can have a picnic. I really want to have a picnic but its burning hot here in Manila! While buying a Strawberry flavored Ice Cream a Kuya offered to be our tour guide for the whole day for P700. Kuya really made our tour easier and faster because we were able to avoid the traffic jams in the main roads.

baguio in one day

baguio in one day

11:30 Heritage and Nature Park

baguio in one day

We only took photos in that area below and we left, It was kinda creepy when we entered the abandoned Diplomat Hotel because as we enter we really felt that it was a lot colder inside. My tito told us that it was because of good ventilation etc. and we foolishly believed it was true. But as soon as we went out my uncle told us the truth!


11:50 Lourdes Grotto 


It takes 252 steps to reach the top of the Lourdes Grotto. The Grotto was made by the famous sculptor Isabelo Tampingco in 1913 for the Jesuits of Baguio City who asked him to carve an icon of Our Lady of Lourdes. The last time we went to the Grotto I don’t know if I’m remembering it right but I think there were so many red flowers on our way up and it was sunny unlike this time, there weren’t that many flowers and it was cloudy.

12:20 off to Strawberry farm


It was unfortunately raining when we were on our way to the Strawberry Farm and I kept on praying for the rain to stop. And… answered prayer the rain stopped just before we arrived at the Strawberry Farm.

1:03 Strawberry FarmIMG_3614_20160330

We’ve been to Baguio so many times but I never had a chance to try picking strawberries and because it rained, again I can’t pick strawberries because it was kinda muddy and I was wearing a white sneakers. We bought most of our pasalubongs here, they have strawberry jams, strawberry wine (which we haven’t tried until now), lengua de gato, strawberry crinkles and of course fresh strawberries!

baguio in one day

1:40 Off to Eat lunch

2:20 Bell Church 


Since we used the other way on our way to the La Trinidad we went to the Bell Church on our way back to Baguio from the Strawberry farm (Tourists usually visit the Bell Church first before coming to the Strawberry farm) The Bell Church is a Buddhist Church that has literature of the history of China and artifacts of Buddhism. There are Chinese characters and dragons everywhere. The last time we went there the church was opened and my cousins were able to try their traditional way of praising.



3:02 Off to Mines view

3:34 Mines View


In Mines View park you can have an overview of Baguio, take photos while riding a horse, take a photo with a big dog, buy some flower plants and pasalubongs. I bought a bacularis plant, it is an air purifier plant I bought it because I find it unique and I also bought some flower plants. Everyone was busy buying pasalubongs “again”, as I monitor the time because I really want to buy lots of Ube Jams from Good Shepherd.





4:30 Good Shepherd Baguio

baguio in one day

Our last stop is the Good Shepherd Baguio, Although they have a branch in Tagaytay I still find GS Baguio’s Ube Jam tastier than the one in Tagaytay. They also have other delicacies like strawberry jams, lengua de gato and other goods perfect for pasalubongs. For me they have the best Ube Jam and lengua de gato.

4:45 Off to Manila

We wanted to leave earlier to avoid the fog at night because the last time we visited Baguio, my dad and my uncle had a hard time driving since it was so foggy and they can’t see the road well, so to avoid the danger we left Baguio while the sun is still up

6:07 Done with Marcos Highway

12:48 Home

Other Places to Visit in Baguio

Since we have a very limited time there are places we weren’t able to visit and here are the places I wished we have visited again.

  • Botanical Garden
  • Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral
  • Camp John Hay
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