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Food Voyage

    Food Voyage

    Vanilla Cupcake Bakery @ BGC

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    Vanilla cupcake Bakery will not only satisfy your cravings but also your eyes and fairytale like dreams. I actually saw VCB’s picture from a friends’s IG Account and because of it’s eye catching interior I was really eager to visit the place. The I found out that it’s really near to me.

    From the outside you can already sense that the interior inside will be really pleasing for your eyes. It was really cute on the outside and when we entered we were astonished with the lovely, stunning and fancy interior. The pastel colors stood up that made me love the place more. The chandeliers were really fancy and they were really generous with it. There are different theme for the tables and chairs. Frames all over the place that contains motivational quotes were really helpful. The place was really well decorated everything just goes well with each other. You can see that they really put so much effort and creativity on the interior.


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    Food Voyage

    Foodie Friday: Matgalne Korean Buffet

    Matgalne is the first ever Korean Buffet that I’ve visited and now we frequently come there whenever we crave for korean foods. I usually have those craving feeling for korean foods after watching a Korean Drama. Every kpop fangirls would always want to do the grilling of the meat as seen in the drama but as for me I’d rather eat and eat 🙂 in Korea they have this tradition that the maknae should be the one cooking and grilling luckily I’m the eldest so I just stay on my seat and eat nonstop 🙂

    Their ortigas branch is pretty convenient for me since I just have to ride an fx then walk a little. It’s really accessible that  I come there whenever I feel like eating Samgyupsal 🙂 The place is not also that crowded and peaceful so I enjoy my stay there 🙂 The interior was neat red and white motif and it’s pleasing in the eyes since it looks clean. The Buffet Table was placed in the center that is accessible from everyone. And also if you really want to have this korean feels there are noraebangs along the street and other korean restaurants and convenient stores to visit and enjoy.

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    Food Voyage



    After the tiring, body pain cause but FUN bowling game. I was craving for something sweet. Our feets brought us to Sugarhouse. We ordered Midnight Petite cake for P275. It was sweet, yummy and fluffy. I finished the half of the cake all by myself. That was the biggest slice of or part of the cake I ever tried.

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    Food Voyage

    Foodie Friday: Lunch at Kyo Chon SM Megamall


    Maybe like many of Kyo Chon’s customer, we decided to eat in Kyo Chon because of LEE MIN HO. What a great marketing strategy of kyo chon. Kyo Chon sounds like Bon Chon but Bon Chon doesn’t have Lee Min Ho hahaha ^^v

    Know more about Kyo Chon by clicking —> Kyo Chon 1901

    As soon  as we sat in our seat  I noticed the table that has Lee Min Ho on it hihihi 😀 And I really want to bring it home so I decided not to eat messily


    I removed my plate to see a clearer view of Lee Min Ho :’)


    The last page of their menu

    We ordered combo 1, 10 chicken wings + 2 rice + salad then we added 3 more rice since we’re five. The salad came first but it really took a very looooong time before the chicken was delivered.



    (I wasn’t able to take a picture of the drumstick we ate huhuhuhuhu)

    We thought that the chicken wings will be enough for us but it wasn’t so we decided to order 2, 2pc drumstick and it again took a very loooong time before it was served we were really hungry and I’m craving already that time.

    But on top of everything the chicken taste really really good!! I finally understand why wooyoung loves chicken!!! I just love its taste, smell and tenderness! I like it more than Bon Chon’s after eating their chicken  once I never tried eating again their chicken instead I order bulgogi always but in Kyo Chon I can manage to eat there everyday!! I jut love it so much that even after eating it left me still craving fot it yet. I just love it so much hihihihi

    The wall going to the bathroom is filled with Lee Min Ho’s posters!!!!! J It indeed is Lee Min Ho’s place


    Here’s where you’ll wait for your take out, Next time I’ll order for a take out and bring home the Lee Min Ho paper bag hihihihihi

    With me hihihi

    With me hihihi


    With the customer

    With the customer

    Their counter

    Their counter

    The have a projector that plays MVs and Kyo Chon's TV Ad

    The have a projector that plays MVs and Kyo Chon’s TV Ad

     ‘till next time Kyo Chon 😀


    Food Voyage

    Bannaple at Market Market




    So After. We studied Calculus in Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. Its dinner time hahaha. We decided to eat in Market Market since its on our way when we go home. As soon as we cross the street we saw Bannaple and decided to eat there. I was expecting pancakes and all in the menu, I just realized by now that I mistakenly mistook slappy cakes as bannaple hahaha. Anyway back to BANNAPLE so here is what you will see in the inside.




    I really love the interior because of its color (*cough* pinklover here) . And its relaxing in the eye, its not too bright nor  too dark. The chandeliers and the frames gave the place a classy look. Read more

    Food Voyage

    Yabu at Megamall Atrium


    So from Ace Water Spa we went to megamall to eat. We were very very hungry and all we want is to eat. I was craving for salmon sashimi at that time. And I thought there is no Sashimi in Yabu but atleast they have salmon tonkatsu. That’s very tasty and rich in flavor. Unfortunately I just had my adjustment huhuhu so I can’t really bite well not even a bread but the tonkatsu wasn’t that hard! I can still eat it! The salmon really is very tasty!! and the cabbage side dish!!! plus unli rice!!! I was so full. its really worth it! The staffs were all very accommodating and they really check if their customers are satisfied. They all give their best in serving their customers!

    Food Voyage

    J&J Food Voyage: #1 Starbucks P. Noval


    So me and Jessica decided to have our 20 Food Dates hahaha so Our first was in Starbucks in P. Noval that is right beside UST 🙂 and a trike away from San Beda hahaha

    No more review of Starbucks because many did already hahaha but time really flew fast when we were chatting hahaha. When you really are with someone you are comfortable with you guys really have endless stories to tell~~ HAHAHA