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    Ocean Adventure at Subic

    Ocean Adventure Subic

    Ocean Adventure located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone is said to be the first open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure allows sea animals to live and enjoy in a natural water habitat and also they take under the care some land animals that are abandoned or lost. You will surely have fun in there because they have Floating Habitat where you can see the dolphins perform, Sea Lion Show that will surely get you entertained and their big aquariums to have a close look of this underwater creatures. Read more

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    Top 5 Things to do in Tagaytay

    What to do in tagaytay

    Here are some things to do in Tagaytay. Tagaytay is know for being one of the tourist spot in the PH that has a pretty low temperature where you can enjoy the scenery and activities like horseback riding, zipline, sky rider etc. Adding up to the list is the Sky Ranch Amusement park that was build last March 2013. Read more

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    Canyon Cove

    Canyon Cove

    During our summer vacation me and my friends googled for beaches where we can celebrate our birthdays together and while browsing I learned that Batangas has many resorts and beaches that are accessible by land. But when I saw a picture of Canyon Cove I was in awe for its picturesque  view. I told myself that if ever me and my friends’ plan won’t push through I’ll ask my family to go with me and I want it to be within this year! Going to beach was never my thing because I’m afraid of getting tan and still in trauma of the fact that I lost my favorite T-shirt in the beach while I was still young. So it has been a really long time that I wanted to go to the beach. (excluding when I surfed, at that time I just surfed then left).

    Read more

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    Surfing at San Juan La Union

    La Union


    Being the nearest surfing area in Manila! La Union has been known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines and leaving La Union without trying it is an uncomplete trip! As you would check my bucketlist it is one of the things that I would really want to do! So despite the fact that I have to return to Manila as soon as possible and the risk that I might not be able to be on time for a concert I still chose to travel on road to La Union. Read more