Food Voyage

    8 Cuts @ UP Towne Center


    Well after our Seminar with Sir Ricky Garcia we went to Katip. We were suppose to eat at Casa Verde but unfortunately 😭 it was full, we were on waiting list at #7. So we decided to just eat at 8 Cuts.

    We’ve eaten at 8 Cuts for N timesss. So we’re familiar and not expecting that much from it but still we’ll never get enough of the taste of 8 Cuts’s burger. Read more

    Food Voyage

    Lunch @ Teriyaki Boy after our Immersion 😊

    Our immersion venue is a 10-min. jeepney ride away from Gateway. And I usually ride the MRT on my way home since it faster that way. My friends usually ride the lrt but we’re all hungry so we decided to eat first at Gateway. As always things doesn’t happen as how we planned it to be. We want to eat at Tokyo Tokyo (yeyel’s craving for it) but we end up eating at Teriyaki Boy.  Read more

    Food Voyage

    DAD’S World Buffet

    Dad’s at Megamall is connected with Saisaki and Kamayan. That made it perfect for the whole family since not everyone in the family loves Japanese or Chinese food like in my Family, My brother is not that really into Japanese cuisine, the only Japanese food he eats is Tempura (because he love shrimps). For the Grannys they have this Filipino foods offered in one counter. And for meat lovers a counter is filled with different meats inspired by different countries. Read more

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    How we overcome our Stressful Week

    Yay!! Examination Week is finally over. Examination Week are undoubtedly one of those sleepless and stressful days of any student. We like stay up very late or ’till dawn before the exam and cram then next day we wake up early and head to school and take the exam. Then after the exam we were like soul-less people who dont have energy left. And We have this thing like. “I’ll fail” or “I got it all wrong” or “I got a zero on that” or if you’re one of the smarty people you’ll like “What’s you answer on this number?” Or “Is it like this?” Or “I did it this way, am I right?”

    We’re also one of those but we decided to not talk about it rather just stress out and gain back our energy. And what we did was to

    1. Watch Movies


    We had watched two movies in a week. First was before our exam and the Second was after the Hardest exam we took 😭
    So the Movie that we watched before exams is “English Only Please” I was really laughing out loud!! Hahaha It was really so funny and full of those “kilig” moments haha

    And the Movie we watch to relieve us from our grief with our grades was Love Rosie~ It only proves that if you’re destined you’ll have each other at the end they faced so many obstacles but in the end they found each other

    2. Eating


    We ate at Red Buffallo with Ally’s recommendation. We haven’t ate our lunch that day because we’re all busy reviewing. So right after our exam we decided to eat. It was better than the other wings something in Katip haha I like Mish’s order over mine but both were good 🙂



    Food Voyage

    Cafe UK at Mendiola


    Well as soon as I heard of this Cafe just very near my school. Me and my friend visited it without any second thought. It has a cosy feel and also a quiet place so I love the place as soon as I entered.

    What I ordered
    Red Velvet and Oreo Frappe? ( I cant remember but it has an oreo)


    I just ate Red Velvet at Cupcakes by Sonja and I think its better than this one. I wasnt able to finish it all because it lacks the taste that want you to continue eating it but its okaaay I think maybe I would have liked it if I havent eaten in Cupcakes by Sonja. The price is kinda a bit close to SB but SB is better of course.
    Read more

    Food Voyage

    Vanilla Cupcake Bakery @ BGC

    PERSONAL (1)

    Vanilla cupcake Bakery will not only satisfy your cravings but also your eyes and fairytale like dreams. I actually saw VCB’s picture from a friends’s IG Account and because of it’s eye catching interior I was really eager to visit the place. The I found out that it’s really near to me.

    From the outside you can already sense that the interior inside will be really pleasing for your eyes. It was really cute on the outside and when we entered we were astonished with the lovely, stunning and fancy interior. The pastel colors stood up that made me love the place more. The chandeliers were really fancy and they were really generous with it. There are different theme for the tables and chairs. Frames all over the place that contains motivational quotes were really helpful. The place was really well decorated everything just goes well with each other. You can see that they really put so much effort and creativity on the interior.


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    Food Voyage

    Foodie Friday: Matgalne Korean Buffet

    Matgalne is the first ever Korean Buffet that I’ve visited and now we frequently come there whenever we crave for korean foods. I usually have those craving feeling for korean foods after watching a Korean Drama. Every kpop fangirls would always want to do the grilling of the meat as seen in the drama but as for me I’d rather eat and eat 🙂 in Korea they have this tradition that the maknae should be the one cooking and grilling luckily I’m the eldest so I just stay on my seat and eat nonstop 🙂

    Their ortigas branch is pretty convenient for me since I just have to ride an fx then walk a little. It’s really accessible that  I come there whenever I feel like eating Samgyupsal 🙂 The place is not also that crowded and peaceful so I enjoy my stay there 🙂 The interior was neat red and white motif and it’s pleasing in the eyes since it looks clean. The Buffet Table was placed in the center that is accessible from everyone. And also if you really want to have this korean feels there are noraebangs along the street and other korean restaurants and convenient stores to visit and enjoy.

    20141007_140631 20141007_140643 Read more