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    Philippines, Subic

    Ocean Adventure at Subic

    Ocean Adventure Subic

    Ocean Adventure located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone is said to be the first open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure allows sea animals to live and enjoy in a natural water habitat and also they take under the care some land animals that are abandoned or lost. You will surely have fun in there because they have Floating Habitat where you can see the dolphins perform, Sea Lion Show that will surely get you entertained and their big aquariums to have a close look of this underwater creatures. Read more


    Zoobic Safari – Subic


    Zoobic Safari is one of the tourist spot along with Ocean Adventure and the Beaches in Subic. Zoobic Safari is 25 hectare land, Adventure Park that became a habitat for many exotic animals. It also gives the opportunity for the guest to have a close encounter with these animals. So, Prepare yourselves and be brave to try these opportunities, like feeding or touching the scariest animals. Read more